How To Maintain Hard Floors

Arguably the first feature you notice as you walk into any facility is its floors. So, you want your hard floors to look spick and span, but this takes a lot of time and effort. Well, professional hard floor cleaning services in Portland, OR, can be of much help.

That said, there are a few daily practices you can adopt to keep your hard floors clean. These will not only make them look better, but they will also extend their lifespan.

Clean Entry Mats

An entry mat is your first line of defense for all kinds of floors. After all, they help prevent dirt from entering your facility in the first place. Remember that there is not much an entry mat can do if it is full of grime itself.

Thus, clean your mats regularly by vacuuming them in a straight line. Also, make sure to store them away if you plan to perform a floor cleaning.

Sweep Your Floors

The easiest way to get rid of bits of trash lying around is to sweep them away. A good practice is to use separate brooms depending on room space. For instance, use bigger brooms for large cafeteria areas and smaller ones for tiny offices. Always begin sweeping from the back of an area towards the front.

Dust Mopping And Vacuuming

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These methods are great for removing the tiny dirt particles that escape sweeping. Once again, if you are using a mop, choose the size according to the rooms. That said, vacuuming is more efficient for this process as well as less time-consuming. It is best to vacuum a facility at least once a day.

Final Thoughts

Professional floor cleaning services are the best way to ensure that your floors are in the best condition. However, if you do your bit to keep them clean, it will make these services even more efficient!